To Be Highest Taxed Major City in California!

chart - next door

Measure “A” would make Long Beach an economic island of high taxation and fiscal irresponsibility!

As illustrated above, Long Beach would have the highest city sales tax compared with all its neighbors!

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And we’ll have higher city sales tax than any 100,000+ population city in Southern California. In fact, out of LA and Orange counties’ 122 incorporated cities, we’ll join the absolute top three, most taxed — South Gate, Pico Rivera, and La Mirada — the only currently with 10% sales tax.

If LA City Hall can manage a city of nearly 4 million people without DOUBLE DIGIT SALES TAX, why can’t our leaders figure it out?

chart - so cal

Of the 1,785 municipalities listed by the Cal. Board of Equalization, Long Beach would become among the TOP TEN SALES TAXED municipalities IN THE ENTIRE STATE!