Unrestricted Revenue (READ: Slush Fund)

It’s always the devil that’s in the details when it comes to politicians. In this case, it’s four little words they inserted that change everything.

gen services_001 - cropped (a only) - reduced

That’s it: “and maintain general services.” That’s all it takes to legally unbind them.

Now, with passage of Measure “A”, they can:

A) Do all the good things they say they’re going to due with the proceeds (which, no matter what, will be collected disproportionately from low income residents), or

B) Pay back the two public safety employee union bosses, by giving their already extremely highly paid members, who tend to retire early on huge pensions, yet further pay raises (probably tilted toward top brass); and pay back the other special interests who funded their own campaigns, the big developers (for example, the ones behind the massive civic center rebuild-for-no-reason half billion dollar boondoggle) and the port-related interests.

Which do you think it will be? Let’s vote down Measure “A” so we don’t have to find out!